Carrier Oils

Carrier Oils

When you read some of the ingredients in our products you are likely to see different oils listed. Ever wonder what all those oils are used for?

Probably one of our most commonly used oils is Olive Oil. Olive Oil gives soap a mild creamy lather with small bubbles. A soap made with 100% Olive Oil is called a Castile Soap. You may have heard of some companies that use a pure olive oil as a facial cleanser. Olive Oil is great for infusing with herbs and is sometimes used in lip balms.

Sweet Almond Oil is high in fatty acids and contains vitamin E. It is great as a massage oil and is often used in facial creams and lip balms. You may also see it used in beard oil. This is another great oil to infuse herbs.

Sunflower Oil is also high in fatty acids and vitamin E but has a slower absorption rate than Almond Oil. In soap it produces a conditioning lather that feels good to the skin.

Jojoba Oil is often used in shampoo bars and helps with dry skin. It is used to extend the life of a soap and creates a creamy lather. It is a moisturizer that is often used by people to treat acne, sunburn or chapped skin.

Grapeseed Oil is lighter and absorbs quickly into the skin. It is loaded with antioxidants and can be used in many different recipes.

Castor Oil in soap creates a nice lather with larger bubbles. It acts as a humectant meaning it helps to draw moister into the skin.

Avocado Oil is high in vitamins, A, B, D and E and is great in lotions.

Walnut Oil is used in our bead oil and gives a light nutty scent to a product. It is high in antioxidants and is a great conditioner.

Argan Oil is rich in nutrients and vitamin E. It is very luxurious and often expensive. It makes a great conditioner for hair, beards and skin.

Coconut Oil is a great cleanser and makes a harder bar of soap with larger bubbles. Because it is more of a cleanser, it can sometimes dry out skin. It is usually used with other oils. A soap made with 50-50 Coconut Oil and Olive Oil is called a Bastille soap.

Shea, Mango and Cocoa Butters are used to make a long lasting and harder bar of soap. Each has its own unique qualities but all are nourishing and help provide a creamy lather. They can also be used in lotions to make them thicker and creamier at room temperature.