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What to do with a Rooster

What to do with a Rooster

It never seems to fail. You head over to your local feed store to...
Preparing for Kidding Season

Preparing for Kidding Season

We were nervous parents the first time our goats gave birth.  We...
Fact or Fiction – What to know about raising goats.

Fact or Fiction – What to know...

Looking back at some old photos the other day, I came across...

Welcome to our farm

Welcome to Purely Wholesome Farm. We are a small farm in Loudon, NH focused on sustainability and quality of life. We raise chickens, and Nubian Goats. We grow and can our own fruits and vegetables, raise and dry our own herbs and produce other homemade items. Feel free to browse our website and check back often as we will continue to update our site. Thank you for stopping by.
Our Philosophy at Purely Wholesome Farm - Loudon NH
Our Philosophy

Sustainability. When people see the word organic, it brings to mind naturally wholesome foods with no pesticides or additives or anything unnatural. Truth is depending on the state you live inREAD MORE

Who we are at Purely Wholesome Farm - Loudon NH
About Us

Purely Wholesome Farm is owned and operated by Dennis Schaefer and Cindy Shea. Dennis is a freelance graphic designer with more than twenty years under his belt….READ MORE

Purely Wholesome Farm - Loudon NH
Our Farm

The history of our farm dates back to the mid 1860’s and was once named the Alice M. Clough Farm after the woman who spent her entire life working it… READ MORE