Goats for Sale

A very hard decision on our part, however we have decided to downsize to one buck this year. Sammie has given us 25 (17doe/8buck) beautiful babies in his 5 years with us.

spotted Nubian buck for saleGoat fencingSammie and Cindy

sammie papers

Some of Sammie’s offspring (All sold or retained)

Nubian baby goat Purely Wholesome Farm, Loudon, NHBaby Nubian Goat For sale in NHBaby Nubian Goats for Sale in NH

Baby Goat Buckling

Along with Sammie we wish to pair with his half brother (wethered)Franklin. Both boys are over 200lbs and easy to handle.

$750.00 for the pair. We reserve the right to refuse sale on purchasers back ground and experience.

Nubian weather for sale
Nubian weather for sale

Doe for Sale.

Holly is very sweet and gentle. She is 3 years old, bred just this year, currently in milk, but drying off.  Registered. $350.00

Nubian doe for sale Nubian doe for sale Nubian doe for sale