About Us

The Owners:

Purely Wholesome Farm in Loudon, NH is owned and operated by Dennis Schaefer and Cindy Shea. We didn’t grow up on farms though we both spent our teen years in log cabins in the middle of nowhere on dirt roads heated solely by wood. It wasn’t until we bought our own little farm that we decided to try our hand at being more sustainable.

Like many people who go down this path we started with a garden, then some chickens, then sheep and goats and things just kept going from there. We began reading and researching and realized how bad processed foods were and we made a conscious decision to eat more locally raised fresh foods.

From there we branched out to making our own laundry soap and bar soap to hand creams and even cheese. The more we learned the more excited we became.

On our blog we share our stories and our journey as we work to become healthier and more sustainable.

A little background on us:

Dennis is an owner/designer at dSchaefer Design with more than twenty years under his belt. He focuses on helping agricultural businesses market themselves through brochures, posters, business card design and website design. He is the designer and manager of the Purely Wholesome website. One of his passions is book cover design and you can find his designs in both academia and fiction arenas. He is the patient and steady handyman of the farm. You can find out more about Dennis’ graphic design work at dschaeferdesign.com.

Cindy Shea is a cost analyst by day and writer, blogger and member of the local agriculture commission by night. She writes articles on farms and farming for her local paper, dabbles in crime fiction and has been known to do some copy writing. She also manages the social media for the farm and maintains the blog.