Baby Nubian Goats for Sale in Loudon, NH

2021 Goat Kidding Schedule

We will not ship any of our goats, thanks.

Doelings $400/Bucklings $250/Wethers $125*

Pictures of dams, sires and offspring (when born) linked below.


Fox’s Pride Crowning Sunrise (Sunny) / Harmony Herd Benjamin  (Samson) 10/10/20 3/09/21 1st Doe Reserved
Braefell Mountain Laurel (Laurel) / Field Mouse Farm Charles (Ollie) 10/11/20 3/10/21 1st Doe Reserved
2nd Doe Reserved
Braefell Black Willow (Willow) / Field Mouse Farm Charles (Ollie) 10/16/20 3/15/21
FGFarm Cl Foxy’s Holly (Holly) / Harmony Herd Benjamin  (Samson) 10/17/20 3/16/21
Fox’s Pride GR English Ivy (Ivy) / Field Mouse Farm Charles (Ollie) 10/25/20 3/24/21
The Ridgeland Pearl (Pearl) / Harmony Herd Benjamin  (Samson) 11/01/20 3/31/21 1st Doe Reserved
2nd Doe Reserved
2 Wethers Reserved
Braefell Chloe (Chloe) / Field Mouse Farm Charles (Ollie) 11/06/20  4/05/21 1st Doe Reserved
2nd Doe Reserved


*Quoted prices are for reserved animals.  Prices are subject to change for those purchased after animals are born.

A deposit of $100 is required to reserve a kid. If the kid of your choice is not available your deposit will be refunded or applied to another “available” (not already reserved) kid of your choice.  Reservations are taken on a first come, first serve basis, based on deposits. First choice reservations will take precedence before second choice kids will be made available.

There are no refunds on canceled reservations.
We reserve the right to retain any offspring,  regardless of whether a kid has been pre-reserved, or not.

 Final payment is expected within 4 weeks of age, cash/Paypal/credit card only day of pick up.

We request that all kids be picked up by 5 weeks.
Kids remaining after 5 weeks will be charged a boarding fee of $5 per day.
All kids will be tattooed, registered (except wethers), disbudded and will have their first CDT shots.

Any boys not purchased as bucks by 8 weeks will be banded and sold as wethers.

We will not ship goats, however, we will travel up to one hour to meet with a buyer. We do encourage any prospective buyer to visit the farm from which they wish to purchase.  If you would like to visit our farm prior to making a reservation, please contact us to make an appointment.