Our Products

You can find our dairy products seasonally in our farm store in Loudon, NH, or at one of our farm markets.
Some items also available through the Belknap Foodshed

Our soaps, lotions, non-dairy items can be purchased year-round online and shipped
anywhere within the continental U.S.

See our Store Page for available online products.

Morter and Pestal


Cheese with mint for sale in NH


ooking for a way to spice up your dinners?  Need an adult version of your favorite mac n cheese recipe?  Or do you just need a new twist on the old cheese and cracker standby at your next social event?  We’ve got you covered.  We have several types of cheese available from our farmstead feta to cheddar and many varieties in between.  Email us for our current availability. 




ark orange yolks from free range hens make the best breakfast, quiche and souffles.  Plus, we feed our hens a no soy feed which means even people with egg sensitivity may enjoy our product.  Stop by the farm stand or email us to get on our egg rotation.

Fresh eggs for sale in Loudon, NH



Loacally raised Chicken for sale in Loudon, NH


o you think buying a whole chicken is a waste?  Fear not.  We have ways to help you use our entire roaster chicken.  One bird can easily be three or more meals with little fuss.  Check out our recipes and sign up for our email list so you’ll be the first to know when our broilers are ready.


Raw Goats Milk


e offer a limited supply of creamy, fresh, raw goat milk to our on-farm customers seasonally.  The taste is out of this world creamy.  Want to know more about goat milk versus other milk?  Check out our raw milk blog here.
Raw Goats Milk for sale In Loudon, NH


Homemade Butter for sale in NH


ant to take your recipes to the next level?  Try our homemade fresh butter!  Our Butter is made from locally sourced 100% real cream with no additives.  It is the creamiest butter you’ll ever use.


Goats Milk Soap


re you tired of using soaps loaded with chemicals that leave your skin feeling tight and dry?  Our goat milk soaps are made from 5 different oils and our creamy goat milk so your skin will feel fresh and renewed.  Plus we have plenty of different fragrances to choose from.
Goat milk soap for sale in NH

Locally Sourced Hamburger

Hamburger for sale in NH, Purely Wholesome Farm, Loudon, NH


eady to take control of your food? Want a good source of locally raised meat? We’ve got you covered. We currently offer locally produced USDA ground beef in 1lb packages from PT Farms.