Our Philosophy

Sustainability at Purely Wholesome Farm

When people see the word organic, it brings to mind naturally wholesome foods with no pesticides or additives or anything unnatural. Truth is, depending on the state you live in, you can still use a certain amount of pesticides and be considered certified organic. There are also many legal hoops to jump through and fees to pay just to obtain that certified organic designation. All this is why organic foods are so expensive.

While we are not denouncing certified organic producers, our philosophy here at Purely Wholesome Farm is to produce our food as close to naturally as possible. Why should we have to be certified for “not” doing something? And why would we charge you extra for it?

We look for non-GMO options for our fruits, vegetables and herbs. Our eggs come from free ranging chickens that eat kitchen scraps, bugs and any plants or seeds they can find around our property. Their diet is supplemented by a layer pellet with added nutrients they need.

Our Nubian and Nigerian Dwarf goats are rotationally pasture fed for as long as our seasons allow it and are supplemented with local fresh cut hay. Our ewes are supplemented with a sweet feed and minerals to help keep them healthy through gestation and birth. Any animal headed for the freezer is strictly pasture raised unless for health reasons they require additional calories.

Everything we do is taken as a case-by-case basis meaning we approach each situation with the idea that we will be eating this food. We want to ensure that everything we eat and produce is as pure and wholesome as possible.

Our view of sustainability includes letting the sheep mow and fertilize the lawn, allowing the chickens to help with pest management, using kitchen scraps to feed the chickens and for compost for the garden and to learn new skills so we can do more for ourselves.

We try to buy everything we can locally. This reduces our carbon footprint while putting money back into our own community. We also strive for zero waste meaning we make our own soaps, stay away from prepackaged foods and recycle.