Our Farm

Our Farm


The history of Purely Wholesome Farm dates back to the mid 1860’s and was once named the Alice M. Clough Farm after the woman who spent her entire life working it.

Alice and her sister Minnie were the first people to be born on the farm. While Minnie married into the local Moore family, Alice remained single and lived and worked on the farm until her passing in 1934.

Since then the farm land has been divided up leaving just a rebuilt home and the original 1860’s barn on two and half acres.

We purchased the farm in 2013 and quickly realized that the over two acres of hay field on our property would be perfect for pasture grazing animals. After much research we settled on Katahdin sheep for their meat quality and low maintenance and purchased our first ewes, Alice and Minnie, in the spring of 2015. A ram named Jacob was also added.

We are also interested in goats and decided that Nubian and Nigerian Dwarf Goats would be the perfect size and produce just enough milk to make cheese and soaps for the family. Our first pair, Stella Blue and her brother Jack Straw, joined our farm in April 2015. Our buckling the Mighty Quinn came home shortly after from the same farm as Jacob the ram. From there we added Pearl, our Nubian doe and Cassidy, another Nigerian Dwarf. These guys will be our founding members.Pearl Baby Nubian Goat

A mix of Rhode Island Red and Black Star sex link chickens were also added in April 2015. RIR’s are Cindy’s preferred breed of egg layers as their eggs are usually extra-large to jumbo in size, they are disease resistant and are hardy enough to handle New England winters. They are also very friendly and curious birds. The Black Stars are also prolific layers and a large egg-laying breed.

Other members of the family include three cats named Felix, Gracie and Evi, two dogs named Elli and Cadi.

In addition to animals we grow our own fruits, vegetables, herbs and flowers.