For Sale – Nigerian Dwarf Goats-SOLD

For Sale – Nigerian Dwarf Goats-SOLD

We’ve decided to focus on raising Nubian goats and are selling our Nigerians as a starter herd. Below is a listing of what we have available. All are up to date with shots and have been tested CAE negative. I have priced each goat out separately, but will entertain offers for the group. Please email Cindy at  Photos below for most of the herd and more pictures available upon request.  Also, you can find some of the lineage information throughout this site or we can provide details via email. – Thanks.


Living Water Farm Quinn – Registered 2yo Nigerian Dwarf Buck – “Quinn” is a two year old proven buck who has given us all girls! He is a good boy and up to date on shots. Like most bucks, Quinn needs to know who is boss, but once he understands you are in charge he is a very good boy. We easily give him his shots and trim his feet. In fact, put a bowl of food in front of him and you can basically do anything. Price $300.00.


Nigerian goat buck — Purely Wholesome Farm in Loudon, NH


Singing Moon Sweet Magnolia – Registered 3yo Nigerian Dwarf Doe – “Maggie” is a three year doe and a great mom. She is an easy kidder and gave us triplets on her second freshening. She has some great color, is awesome on the milk stand and typically gives us 6 cups of milk a day or more. Maggie wasn’t used to getting attention when we brought her home, but we have worked with her and she can be very sweet when she wants something.   Price $350.00.

Nigerian Goat doe — Purely Wholesome Farm, Loudon, NH

Nimble Toes NT Cassidy – “Cassidy” is a first freshener who gave us 1 big girl this year. She comes from Rosasharn and other good milking lines. We are only milking her once per day and we are getting 2-3 cups. She is a great mom and a sweet girl who loves being spoiled. Give her some apple and she’ll be your friend forever. Price $350.00.


Stella Blue – Unregistered 2yo Purebred Nigerian Dwarf Doe – “Stella” was our first doeling. She came with her brother Jack. She has blue eyes and is a sweetheart. She loves a good shoulder rub and if you aren’t doing a good enough job she’ll give you a nudge. Stella was a first freshener last year giving us two beautiful girls. We did not breed her for this year. She is the best on the milk stand and gives us the most milk of any of our NDG does. She is a super easy milker. And Stella LOVES being a mom. She has played “auntie” this year to both Cassidy’s and Maggie’s babies. Price $250.00.

Stella nigerian goat - Purely Wholesome Farm, Loudon, NH


Jack – Unregistered 2yo Purebred Nigerian Dwarf Whether – “Jack” is Stella’s brother. He has blue eyes and is very laid back. He used to be a great lap goat, but now spends his days hanging with Quinn. Jack and Quinn have been friends since they were only a few months old and keep each other company. However, Jack would also make a great pet and lawn mower. He will always need a friend and still enjoys “butting heads” with his sister from time to time. Price $100.00.

Nigerian goat buck — Purely Wholesome Farm in Loudon, NH


Cosmic Charlie – Unregistered 1yo NDG mix whether – Charlie was Maggie’s first baby. She came to us pregnant (unknown to us at the time) so we do not know who is father is. Charlie is a really sweet boy and loves hanging out with the Nubian boys. He would make a great pet and brush clearer. Price $100.00.